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Inside Stephen Hawking's Classic 'Star Trek' Cameo as Told

Hawking, Stephen, Dr. The ground-breaking physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking, and likewise a champion of the rights and potential of those with disabilities everywhere, created his own path to an appearance on TNG by appearing as himself in a Data holoprogram of famed scientists of history in “ Descent .” Data, Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Einstein playing ... When Hawking was on set, he (being a Trekkie apparently) took a tour of Engineering, stopped at the warp core and casually quipped "I'm working on that" permalink embed Stephen Hawking in popular culture - Wikipedia

Inside Stephen Hawking's Classic 'Star Trek' Cameo as Told ...

He appeared as himself in everything from "Star Trek: The Next Generation"—playing poker with a hologram of Einstein—to "The Simpsons" where he conceded that Homer's "theory of a donut-shaped ... Star Trek Stephen Hawking - YouTube

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Inside Stephen Hawking's Classic 'Star Trek' Cameo as Told ... Inside Stephen Hawking’s Classic ‘Star Trek’ Cameo as Told by the Man Who Wrote It ... participates in a poker game with a group of brilliant scientific figures consisting of Hawking ... Stephen Hawking Playing Poker On Star Trek - Geekologie Stephen Hawking Playing Poker On Star Trek. In honor of the late, great Stephen Hawking, here's a clip of his cameo from the Star Trek: The Next Generation season six episode 'Descent, Part 1', playing poker with Data and Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein (it's actually Data playing with holodeck simulations of the three). Descent (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - Wikipedia Descent ( Star Trek: The Next Generation) Set in the 24th century, the series follows the adventures of the crew of the Federation starship Enterprise. The episode features a guest appearance by Stephen Hawking, making it the only episode to feature a guest star appearing as themselves on any Trek series.

Byl součástí simulátorového programu Data z USS Enterprise-D kapitána Picarda, v němž Dat hrál poker se Stephenem Hawkingem, Albertem Einsteinem a Sirem Isaacem Newtonem.

Star Trek: The Next Generation. At the release party for the home video version of the A Brief History of Time, Leonard Nimoy, who had played Spock on Star Trek, learned that Hawking was interested in appearing on the show. Stephen Hawking Dead: Why His 'Star Trek' Cameo is Still ... Stephen Hawking was one of the greatest minds in science. He was also a huge sci-fi fan and historically is the only person who played himself on 'Star Trek.' Speaking of Stephen Hawking, the sci-fi fan who played ... For, as with anything that Stephen Hawking loved – science fiction or pop culture – they loved him back. Thus it came to be that in a historic Star Trek episode – Descent, Part 1 – Stephen Hawking played poker with Data, Einstein, and Newton on the Enterprise (watch the sequence here). Brent Spinner, who played Data, calls the event the ... Aside from Stephen Hawking, were there any other "as ...